Cyprus-The epidemic of Love

Today is a full moon. When on the seaside, you can enjoy a unique reflection of colors. That is what is happening in Cyprus! You can see it in Paphos, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Protaras, Larnaca and many well known and "secret" beaches around!

"Cyprus.... a land famous in all ages. The rosy realm of Venus, the romantic kingdom of the Crusaders." Lord Beaconsfield

We will be delighted to let you know about little romantic places where you can enjoy Sunsets and Sunrises as well as full Moons!

New Beginnings, or just a fresh air as a boost to relationship!

To some, like to me, even poems can get out of the heart! One being TONIGHT came out of me as I was lying on the grass near the sea, exploring moon and stars and Milky way under the bright sky! TONIGHT

Tonight I love you,

I feel and write.

Even poems for you I create.

From clean soul.

Full of love.

I do not interpret!

Nothing to repeat.

All genuine, new, from deep in me.

Said by words, Felt by heart!

And that is me, naked as born

I love you tonight!

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow is for sorrow…

Copyright D. K.

Holidays in Cyprus will help you find the meaning of us being here on this planet, stored somewhere deep down in the soul!

It will become possible as the soul will go to the right place inside of you instead of circling around! The whole atmosphere will help to get answers to other essential questions like:

Why are we here?

When is that we will feel fulfilled?

What is enough to have a happy life?

Am I at the right job?

What is my ideal job?

Oh! Yes! You will approach the answers to these questions!

Trust Cyprus and people living there, come, and you will understand why Cyprus is the best place to start over, recapitulate, or get an inspirational boost!

There are 7000 years of history of human species inhabiting Cyprus! So many souls were living here, and as many leaving their tremendous positive energy to cover the Island historical places available for the visit.

All that combined with a healthy climate and a lot of vitamins C and D! There is only one epidemic you will get here!

The Epidemic of Love!

Welcome to Cyprus!

Below you will find a list of Hotels to help you decide where to stay!

I am calling them the quarantines of love for love and about love!

Cynthiana Beach Hotel Paphos

Nissi Blu Beach Resort Ayia Napa

Four Seasons Hotel Limassol

Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol

Aldiana Hotel Cyprus

Napa Plaza Hotel Ayia Napa


Enjoy the stay, and if you need anything more, please be free to contact us!


Cyprus Tourism Deals

Cyprus turism deals

Enjoy human stories from and about Cyprus history, present and future. FInd out available options and offers for your stay in this magical island.



"Cyprus, a little world in it self... no wild beasts or reptiles disturb the solitude. The water is sweet and cool, the wine is nectar, and the food plain but good ; above all, I know that my grave will be respected and that kind hands will close my eyes" ( from Les Iles Mediterraneenes)

Cyprus tourism deals!

All in one with human touch. Cyprus is not only a destination, hotels and restaurants. Cyprus is history, culture a place offering to the visitor the opportunity to relax and, if wish so, to visit many sites and learn about tremendous Cyprus history and influences. Here we will let you have a different view. As behind every name, place or event there are people, we will let you learn more about people behind Cyprus hotels, restaurants, cafeterias as well as people from history connected with events happening in Cyprus last 1000 years. We will even mention, just as refreshment a little bit of the history of last 7000 years.

Stay tuned and the deals of all kinds are coming to find you. Enjoy!